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Project Unrooted

Early alpha footage, showcasing some mechanics and teasing the story


Release Date: TBA

Genre: Precision Platformer

Engine: Unity Game engine

Inspiration: Getting over it, Jump king, Pogostuck


  • Create a easy to learn, hard to master game

  • Create an experience that fun to play as well as fun to watch

  • Create an experience that's speed-run friendly but not speed-run focused

Project Unrooted

Due to the nature of the project, I am currently unable to share any information that hasn't been published online

The project is being made at the request of the twitch streamer MizKif, as such it is heavily inspired by his favourite games and is closely knit with the streamers Twitch community.

The project itself aims to be one that is fun to watch and hard to beat, as the videos of the streamer playing and failing at these games are among some of his favourite and most popular moments in streaming.

Socials links
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
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