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Dream Warrior
Adventure Platformer

All of a sudden, a little kid wakes up in a dark unknown place...

Become a holy knight and slash your way through an army of shadowy creatures as you try to escape this twisted nightmare world! Find all hidden mementos as you slowly uncover the truth of this mystery...



The team:

  • 3 Level Designers

  • 3 Game Artists

  • 2 Animators

  • 5 Game Programmers

  • 1 Sound Designer

Production time:

  • 8 weeks half-speed = Around 160 hours.


  • "Tiled" as a level editor

  • TGA 2D as game engine

My Contribution:

  • Project Coordinator

  • Level Design.

  • Level Propping / Level Art

  • Organising playtests


Feel free to scroll through the images to view our process and in-game scenes that I have been a part of.

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