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Elevator Pitch
Level Designer with a focus on balanced and immersive game play, I also sometimes work as a game designer and project coordinator.

Games have always been a personal interest of mine, and even though life has put me through different vocations, i have always found time to make, play or study games on my free time. I’ve had the same goal of becoming a game developer since i was first asked as a child “what do you want to be when you grow up?"

My first years of studying game development, i started out as a programmer, but as i was working on my bachelors degree, i kept finding myself taking charge of most project and leading the development, making the levels, balancing the games, tweaking the values and organising play tests, with this in mind i figured out that what i really burn for is level design, this epiphany is what led my to start my journey at "The Game Assembly" and it has been probably the best decision I've made in my career

My backgrounds in programming, and family members with artistic and designer jobs have given me a unique insight in all of the work flows of every discipline involved with developing a game and throughout my years of studying and making games as a hobby I've learned that the most important thing for successful game is communication, teamwork and a good work-place environment.


Be it the person leading and organising or the cog making the machine run smoothly, i am never afraid to step up to the task if the situation requires it. I aim to always make sure that communications are highly prioritised and that the pipeline is as smooth as possible, making the development proceed with as little resistance as possible.


Currently looking for an internship as a part of my level design education
at The Game Assembly. Feel free to reach out!

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